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Small is beautiful! And the same can be said for our mini amaryllises. These are charming flowers that are a smaller than an average amaryllis, but with exquisite, beautiful flowers. Mini amaryllises are really something special! View our range of small flowered amaryllises below.

What is a mini amaryllis?

The amaryllis flower of a mini amaryllis is smaller than a regular amaryllis. The flower of a mini amaryllis usually has a diameter of around 12 centimeters. Despite its smaller size, the flowers of this species amaryllissen are dazzlingly beautiful. And the bulbs often produce a larger number of flowers. Small flowered amaryllises are a rare and special variety of amaryllis that always make the hearts of amaryllis enthusiasts beat a little faster.

Order a small flowered Amaryllis

At Amaranth-amaryllis you can choose from a large number of beautiful amaryllises. You order directly from the grower. Choose one or more amaryllises and the amaryllis bulbs will be delivered to your home. Did you also know that you get a discount when you order large quantities of amaryllis bulbs? Take a quick look at our range of special amaryllises.

Other types of Amaryllises

We also offer other types of amaryllises besides the mini amaryllises. For example, choose from the impressive multiflora amaryllises. Or how about the striking double flowered amaryllis?

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