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Amaranth Coconut soil for plant bowl Multiflora Amaryllis

Amaranth Coconut soil for plant bowl Multiflora Amaryllis

Amaranth coconut fiber tablets are made of compressed ground coconut fibers from Sri Lanka. They form an excellent airy substrate for your Amaryllisbulb. With two packs of two tablets each, you will have enough to fill a planter bowl.

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Each coconut tablet of 10 x 10 x 1 cm provides 0.4 LTR volume so that you create enough potting soil to plant your Multiflora Amaryllis bulbs in the plant bowl of Ø 25 cm. Because of the airy structure of coconut, your Amaryllisbulb gets very healthy roots. Around the coconut fiber tablets is an information wrap on which the instructions are on. The Amaranth coconut fibers are very suitable to give as a gift, so that you are sure that the recipient has everything at hand immediately.

1. Add 350 ml of lukewarm water to a bag with a coconut fiber tablet
2. Wait 3 minutes
3. Fill the plant bowl well below the top
4. Place the bulbs on the coconut soil in the pot
5. Enter all around and press the coconut soil until all bulbs are firm.

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