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Combination offer Picotee, Neon & Monte Carlo

Combination offer Picotee, Neon & Monte Carlo

Three Amaryllis bulbs for a very attractive price. The bright white Picotee with red edge, the striking pink Neon and the beautiful red and white Monte Carlo. A combination that everyone will love. Now 3 bulbs of € 23.85 for only € 17.95.

A nice gift for yourself or someone else.

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A wonderful combination of different types of Amaryllises. These are amaryllis bulbs of the best quality with multiple flowering stems. Give as a present or just to enjoy yourself.

All these Amaryllis are easy to care for.

White amaryllis Picotee is a special midi amaryllis. The pure white flowers with red edge of this elegant amaryllis have an apple green heart. One of the loveliest details on this flower is the fine red line that runs around the broad, white petals. Picotee is a tranquil flower that needs simple care. It is one of the most popular amaryllises!

The midi amaryllis Neon® will bring colour into your home, even on the drizzliest winter days. The broad petals of this amaryllis Neon are a vibrant, neon pink colour. The centre of the amaryllis is apple green, with broad white stripes overlaid with pink stripes. The pink amaryllis Neon is guaranteed to bloom and needs simple care.

Monte Carlo® is a beautiful red large flowering amaryllis. The Monte Carlo resembles the Monaco amaryllis, but has a striking white star that bursts from the heart of every flower. Each flower has a green centre with red edges. The Monte Carlo is a truly eye-catching amaryllis and needs only simple care.

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