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Price Stopper 3 Bulbs

Price Stopper 3 Bulbs

Three Amaryllis bulbs of the beautiful red Red Cream at a very attractive price.
Now 3 bulbs from €28.50 for just €22.95. Ideal to give two away and keep one for yourself.

The Red Cream has a simple care.

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A great offer of the large-flowered Amaryllis Red Cream. The Amaryllis bulbs are of the best quality with multiple flowering stems.

Red Cream is a large-flowered Amaryllis and is a real eye-catcher with its beautiful bright red colour. The white pollen and the white tip of the pistil on the red stamens provide a nice contrast. The flowers are no less than 27 cm tall! The large-flowered Amaryllis Red Cream has a stem length of about 55 cm and the bulb flowers 6 weeks after planting at room temperature.
Plant the Amaryllis bulb in a flower pot of your choice and place the pot in a light and warm spot. Red Cream blooms after about 6 weeks.

The Amaryllis is also called Hippeastrum. Red Cream is easy to care for.

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