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Can't get enough of amaryllises? Then multiflora amaryllises are perfect for you. With this bulb you don't get just one amaryllis to enjoy, you'll have a collection of amaryllises!

What is a multiflora amaryllis ?

A multiflora amaryllis is an amaryllis with multiple stems and multiple flowers. The flower bulb of a multiflora amaryllis is called a cluster. From this cluster grows different stems with the same kind of flowers. On average, four to seven stems grow from one cluster. A multiflora amaryllis is very impressive because of its size and the multitude of flowers that grow from it. At we offer different types of multiflora amaryllises, in red, pink, white and even a striped version.

Order a multiflora amaryllis 

Take a quick look at our range of multiflora amaryllises. Multiflora amaryllises are one of our most popular bulbs because of their multitude of beautiful flowers. Order a multiflora amaryllis from us and you will receive the flower bulb delivered to your home. Did you also know that you get a discount when you order large quantities?

Other types of amaryllises

We also offer other types of amaryllises. For example, choose from our range of special cybister amaryllises. Or maybe you would you prefer a classic large flowering amaryllis?

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Happy Garden®

The multiflora amaryllis Happy Garden® is a very cheerful flower. The Happy Garden flower bulb will grow several stalks with splendid...
Price €9.95

Pink Garden®

The Multiflora amaryllis Pink Garden® has delightful salmon pink flowers. From the multiflora flower bulb grow several purple-colored...
Price €9.95

Red Garden®

Unfortunately sold outThe amaryllis Red Garden® is a special multiflora Amaryllis. With a multiflora amaryllis, the flower bulb consists...
Price €9.95

Striped Garden®

The amaryllis Striped Garden® is a spectacular multiflora amaryllis. Several stalks and many beautiful flowers grow from the cluster of...
Price €9.95

White Garden®

White Garden® is a special white amaryllis multiflora.You will have a multitude of flowers to enjoy with a White Garden amaryllis,...
Price €9.95