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Midi amaryllises

Do you love a classic amaryllis? Then the midi amaryllises are ideal for you. You can choose from our range of midi amaryllises in various stunning colors such as red, pink and white. Each variety of midi amaryllis is unique. The midi amaryllises always look elegant and striking. View our range here.

What are midi amaryllises?

Midi amaryllises have an average sized flower, usually ranging between 9 to 15 centimeters. There are lots of gorgeous variants available. Take a look at our range to see them all. We have an amaryllis to suit every taste!

Order a midi amaryllis

On you can order the most beautiful midi amaryllises easily and without fuss. The amaryllis bulbs are sent directly from the grower to the address of your choice. Before you know it, you will be enjoying watching your amaryllis flower bulb grow into a beautiful flower in your home. Did you also know that you get a discount when you order large quantities of amaryllis bulbs?

Other types of amaryllises

We also offer other types of amaryllises. How about an exotic cybister amaryllis? Or would you rather opt for the splendor of a multiflora amaryllis?

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Tres Chic®

In Stock
Très Chic® is a gorgeous red and white amaryllis. The contrasting colors of this midi amaryllis make the Très Chic very special. The...
Price €7.95

Sweet Lillian®

In Stock
The pink Sweet Lillian® amaryllis flower is one of our rare amaryllis varieties. This dainty Midi amaryllis has long, narrow petals...
Price €7.95


In Stock
White amaryllis Picotee is a special midi amaryllis. The pure white flowers of this elegant amaryllis have an apple green heart. One of...
Price €7.95


In Stock
The midi amaryllis Neon® will bring color into your home, even on the drizzliest winter days. The broad petals of this amaryllis Neon are...
Price €7.95


In Stock
Charisma® is a beautiful red midi amaryllis. Charisma's star-shaped flowers have broad petals in a vivacious pinky red color that are...
Price €7.95

Exotic Star®

In Stock
Exotic Star® is a graceful midi amaryllis that has similar colors to an orchid. It is a charming flower with beautiful pastel pink...
Price €7.95

Terra Mystica®

In Stock
Terra Mystica® is a unique Midi amaryllis in a brown, orange shade. The flowers of the Terra Mystica have one of the most unique...
Price €8.95

Wild Amazone ®

Sold Out
The Wild Amazone® lives up to its name! This beautiful amaryllis looks like it has come straight from the heart of the Amazon jungle. The...
Price €9.95