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Cybister amaryllises have become increasingly popular in recent years. The flowers of these amaryllises look very unusual and exotic, with thin petals in striking colors. Now you can get one of these special flowers for your home.

What is a Cybister amaryllis?

Cybister amaryllises are originally from South America. These amaryllis flowers look very different to a "regular" amaryllis. The petals are much thinner and longer, which gives them a luxurious look! The flower is more spidery and dramatic, rather than the usual star shape of a classic amaryllis flower. The Cybister amaryllises are available in a range of colors, such as striking red and fresh, vibrant green. The Cybister amaryllis is undeniably a remarkable flower!

Order a Cybister Amaryllis

We offer a wide range of unique amaryllises. These amaryllises will brighten up your home. The exotic Cybister amaryllises are certainly something else. The extravagant flowers grow just like the classic amaryllis from an amaryllis flower bulb. Order here for your Cybister amaryllis bulbs and you will receive them at your desired address. Did you also know that you get a discount when you order large quantities of amaryllis bulbs?

Other types of Amaryllises

We also offer other types of amaryllis. For example, choose the charming midi amaryllis. Or how about the striking large flowering amaryllis?

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Pink Cybister

In Stock
This Pink Cybister amaryllis looks like a rare exotic plant. This Cybister amaryllis is a real beauty! The long, thin petals are a bright...
Price €9.95


In Stock
Amaryllis Mystica® is a dazzling amaryllis, a cybister amaryllis. The delicate flower has long, thin petals in intense colors. The petals...
Price €9.95


In Stock
The spectacular cybister amaryllis Sumatra® looks like a rare, exotic plant. The large flowers of the Sumatra amaryllis have long thin...
Price €9.95


In Stock
This Evergreen® is an extraordinary cybister amaryllis lives up to its name: the amaryllis is completely green! The flowers of the...
Price €9.95