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Who we are -A Dutch amaryllis nursery and family owned company

Welcome in our webshop!

We are Ben and Gerard van Geest from Amaranth-Amaryllis. We are specialized in the breeding and production of unique amaryllis species. Our grandfather started the business in 1920 with a horticultural company on the Dutch coast in the agricultural region of Westland near The Hague. The climate and soil proved to be very suitable for the production of bulbous plants.

Our traditional company has a rich history and has remained a family business until now. We are fully focused on the development of new varieties and the production of an exclusive assortment of amaryllises. We sell our products worldwide both to professional trading companies and to consumers.

Our webshop is open all year. During the amaryllis sales season from October to the end of March consumers can buy amaryllis bulbs in our webshop and they are delivered immediately. In the store at our company, amaryllis bulbs and cut flowers are on sale from November to the end of February.

Award winning at Keukenhof

Every year, we work patiently and passionately on the development of new species. It is then the highlight of the season if we win any of the prestigious prizes awarded during the annual amaryllis inspection at the Keukenhof in the Netherlands.

We are proud of our amaryllis nursery and of our products and we hope that you too will enjoy all the beautiful species of amaryllis that we offer. With our care instructions with it you will not only now but also next year to enjoy your purchase.

Bloom guarantee

Because of our high quality bulbs we offer therefore bloom guarantee.Take a look around our amaryllis webshop and choose from the many special varieties such as the beautiful double-amaryllis,amaryllises, our exclusive cybister or our new varieties such as the award-winning yellow amaryllis Yellow Star or the double-flowered White Amadeus, Terra Mystica, Horizon and the very special and elegant Mystica.

Gerard en Ben van Geest