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General Questions

What does an exclusive range of Amaryllis bulbs mean and can I also buy them elsewhere?

The varieties you buy from Amaranth-Amaryllis are only grown at NL van Geest. You can find these in part only at specialized garden centers and florists.

I bought a dry flowering Amaryllis bulb. What are dry flowering bulbs?

These are Amaryllis bulbs that bloom well without soil and water. Not every Amaryllis bulb is suitable for this. Suitable varieties are Evergreen, Lemon Star, Mystica, Neon, Sweet Lilian and Sweet Nymph. The flowers grow smaller than when you plant them in the soil.

What is the advantage of buying from Amaranth-Amaryllis compared to other web shops?

You buy directly from the grower, so that the best bulb quality is always delivered with a 100% flowering guarantee.

How do I recognize a good quality Amaryllis bulb and what should I pay attention to when purchasing?

The flower buds are formed in the bulb during the cold period. You cannot see this on the outside, but it is the grower's craftsmanship. NL van Geest masters this craft like no other, which means that buying directly from this grower is rewarded with many flower stems and calyxes.


I have not received an email with payment instructions. Is this going well?

You will receive this email within a few minutes after placing your order on Amaranth-Amaryllis. Also check your spam box (unwanted e-mail). Maybe the email ended up here. If you have not received an e-mail, you can contact our customer service info(at)

My payment has failed, can I pay in another way?

You can choose a different payment method in the payment process to still complete your order. If this does not work, you can contact our customer service via info(at) and we will send you a new payment link.

How do I know if Amaranth-Amaryllis has received my payment?

When we have received your payment, we will send you the invoice by e-mail. You will first receive an order confirmation and then the payment confirmation with invoice.

Can I pay afterwards?

Yes, you can pay afterwards via Klarna. Only after payment is your order final and the Amaryllis bulbs are reserved for you. If you do not complete the payment within the specified period, this order will expire.

Why do I have to pay shipping costs?

Amaranth-Amaryllis opts for a system that is as fair and transparent as possible by calculating the shipping costs separately. You pay the shipping costs once, depending on the quantity you order. The exception is shipping within the Netherlands where we deliver for free with an order above € 60. This is possible because domestic shipping costs are relatively low.

Order and Delivery

To which countries do you ship Amaryllis bulbs?

We ship our Amaryllis bulbs to all countries within the EU. We do not deliver outside the EU due to customs restrictions.

Can I have an order delivered outside the EU?

We only ship orders within the European Union (EU). If you want to take the bulbs outside the EU yourself, Amaranth-Amaryllis is not liable for any consequences such as quality and correct export documents. For these reasons we also cannot deliver to the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Canary Islands.

Can I have delivery in the United Kingdom?

Due to Brexit, we are bound by strict customs regulations and phytosanitary restrictions, making this unfortunately no longer possible for us.

Via which parcel service will my parcel be sent?

We ship our packages via PostNL. For foreign orders, this is transferred to the local carrier. We have no influence on this and cannot make a choice. You will receive a track & trace link by e-mail as soon as your package is shipped.

My order has not been delivered completely or correctly. What to do?

It is of course possible that something does not go well, even if we do our utmost to prevent this. If your order is incorrect or if you are not satisfied, you can contact our customer service via info(at) State the order number in your e-mail and add photos if necessary. See also the page Abnormalities.

Can I indicate when I want to receive my order?

You can leave a note with a delivery request while paying for your order. For example: "Please deliver in week 44". We try to take this into account as much as possible, but cannot guarantee this because we depend on the parcel service, among other things.

I have already ordered my Amaryllis bulbs between March and October, when will they be shipped?

Orders between March and October will be shipped from the second half of October (week 43) weekly on Saturdays and Mondays.

I have ordered my Amaryllis bulbs but they have not arrived yet. What is going on?

We always ship our bulbs on Mondays and Saturdays. During holidays and special days, shipping may take longer than expected. So order on time!

Can I give a delivery notice to the parcel deliverer?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a message to the parcel deliverer.

Can I give the Amaryllis bulbs as a gift to someone else?

This is no problem. If you want to give the amaryllis bulbs to someone as a gift and therefore want to send them to a different shipping address than your own (invoice) address, you can indicate this in the payment process. At step “2 ADDRESSES” you can specify a different shipping address and complete your order. The recipient of your order will not receive an invoice or price information with the order, it will be sent to you by e-mail.

Why don't you supply Amaryllis bulbs all year round?

The growing season of Amaryllises is from February to August. Then they are harvested and prepared with a cold treatment so that they can flower properly. They will be available again from October until the new growing season.

Why are the Amaryllis bulbs packed in wood wool?

An Amaryllis bulb breathes moisture and the wood wool absorbs the moisture well and prevents mold. Unfortunately, mould is not always preventable. See also the page Abnormalities.

After receiving my order I saw that there is a tear in the bulb. Can this hurt?

A tear in the bulb is normal with Amaryllis. This is because the bulb grows and the scales crack during growth. You don't have to worry and can just plant the bulb.

I see abnormalities in the quality of the bulbs. What is normal?

Best to take a look at the page Abnormalities. for more information.

I see that there is a red spot on the bulb. What is this and can it hurt?

Do not worry. These are bumps that arise during processing and transport that can do no harm. You have an excellent quality Amaryllis bulb that continues to develop normally.

Amaryllis Care

How should I take care of my Amaryllisbulb?

It is best to take a look at the special carepage for more information.

What should I do if I want my Amaryllisbulb to flower a second time?

Take a look at the special carepage for this.

What should I do if there is a little fungus on the roots of the Amaryllis?

This can sometimes happen and is not a problem in itself. Rinse the roots with tap water, then pat dry and allow to dry thoroughly.

How do I know for sure that my Amaryllis bulb will flower?

The bulbs that you buy from Amaranth-Amaryllis are guaranteed to give 100% bloom. That is our grower's craftsmanship.


My question is not listed. Who should I contact?

Contact our customer service via info(at) We try to respond as quickly as possible.