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NL van Geest offers flowering guarantee.

When your package of Amaryllis bulbs arrives, we assume that the bulbs are in good condition. The wood wool is meant to protect the bulbs and absorb evaporated moisture. We always check the bulbs for health before shipping. An Amaryllis bulb is a natural product with external damage visible. This is the result of bumping during mechanical processing. The flower stems will appear and flower as usual.

A: Common external abnormalities that are normal:
1.    Red spots on the bulbs; The cause is bumping during processing and transport and is normal. These are bruises. You can plant the bulb as normal.
2.    Cracks in the bulb; The bulb is under tension due to growth force and breaks open. This is normal and you can just plant the bulb.
3.    Fungal growth on the bulb; An Amaryllis bulb breathes during transport. In unfavourable storage conditions, mould may develop. This is normal and not harmful. Use a soft brush to brush the mould off the bulb with clean water under the tap, pat dry and allow to dry thoroughly. Then plant the bulb.
4.    No flower stem emerges from the bulb within 10 weeks; Depending on the temperature, it takes an average of 6-10 weeks for the flower stem to emerge from the bulb. Sumatra even takes 12-14 weeks. Patience is therefore important.
5.    Colour deviation during flowering; The cause is the time of year when the amount of sunlight determines the exact colour. Usually the colour is more intense in spring than in winter.

B. In what abnormalities can you contact us?
1.    Wrong type delivered; please enclose a photo for assessment
2.    Rotten spot in the bulb. This should not happen. Please enclose a photo for assessment.
3.    A misshapen flower stem or misshapen leaf comes out of the bulb with red streaks; a little red in the flower stem or leaves is not a problem. If the flower stem or leaves are severely warped then there may be a problem. Enclose a clear and well-sharp photo for proper assessment.
4.    Despite the right location and sufficient warmth, still no flower stem comes out of the bulb after 10 weeks of waiting. Send a photo of the bulb with the species label. Indicate the temperature at which the bulb has been standing. NOTE: Sumatra takes 12 weeks.

The A category is not a problematic deviation but fits within the normal for which no guarantee is offered.
If there is a B category deviation, please send your complaint to Without clear photos where we can clearly see what is wrong, we cannot process a complaint.

Please include in your message:

- your full name as on the invoice
- date of purchase
- what type it concerns
- clear description of your complaint
- picture of the problem and if possible the corresponding label of the species