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Double flowered amaryllises

Enjoy the incredible beauty of our double flowered amaryllises. The double amaryllises are one of our specialties. You can choose from a variety of amaryllises in a range of colors such as red, pink and white. Each double flowered amaryllis has a unique flower and its own style. View our range here.

What is a double amaryllis?

The flower of a double amaryllis has twice as many petals as a regular amaryllis. This makes the flowers of double amaryllises really showstopping. These are spectacular flowers that will immediately impress! Our double flowered amaryllises are, not surprisingly, very popular. These stunning flowers always steal the show!

Order a Dutch double amaryllis

On Amaranth-Amaryllis you can order the most beautiful amaryllises easily and without fuss. The amaryllis bulbs come directly from the Dutch grower and are delivered at your home. Did you also know that you get a discount when you order large quantities of amaryllis bulbs? Take a look at our range. We have an amaryllis for everyone!

Other types of amaryllises

We also offer other types of amaryllises. How about an exotic cybister amaryllis? Or would you rather opt for the dramatic multiflora amaryllis bulbs?

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Amadeus Candy®

The Amadeus Candy® double amaryllis is a sister of the Striped Amadeus. The flowers of the Amadeus have more petals than an ordinary...
Price €7.95


The Aphrodite double amaryllis lives up to its name. This amaryllis is just as feminine and elegant as the Greek goddess. Aphrodite has...
Price €7.95

Double King®

The double amaryllis Double King® is a spectacular red amaryllis. The Double King has beautiful large flowers in a majestic red color...
Price €7.95


Nymph® is the sister of Sweet Nymph and White Nymph. This fabulous double white amaryllis flower has a lot of petals, which makes the...
Price €7.95


Splash® lives up to its name! The amaryllis has long, thin petals which look like a splash of water or a fountain. This beautiful double...
Price €7.95

Striped Amadeus®

The double amaryllis Striped Amadeus® is a beautiful white amaryllis with red accents. The flowers of the Striped Amadeus have more...
Price €7.95

Sweet Nymph®

Sweet Nymph® is the pink sister of our White Nymph amaryllis. This pink double amaryllis has twice as many petals as a normal amaryllis....
Price €7.95

White Amadeus®

White Amadeus® is an impressive double amaryllis. The flowers look a bit like a water lily! The  White Amadeus has large flowers with...
Price €7.95

Giant Amadeus®

The Giant Amadeus® is a colorful double amaryllis. The abundant flower petals are white with lovely lines of salmon pink. The heart of...
Price €7.95

Flamed Amadeus®

The Flamed Amadeus® is a gorgeous, striking amaryllis. It looks like it’s on fire! This double-flowered amaryllis is bright red with...
Price €9.95