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Have you ever seen a large flowering amaryllis? They are truly striking amaryllises! Huge flowers grow out of a large flowering amaryllis bulb. At you have the choice out of several large flowering amaryllises. Choose from a range of colors such as red, pink and eye-catching terracotta. Each of our large flowering amaryllises has unique flowers and a unique look. Have a look at our selection of large flowering amaryllises.

What are large flowering amaryllises?

Large flowering amaryllises have, as you might have guessed, larger flowers than normal amaryllises. The flowers of large flowering amaryllises have a diameter between 16 centimeters and 25 centimeters. This dramatic size makes these amaryllises even more beautiful and memorable! All of our varieties of large flowering amaryllises are beauties! Which large flowering amaryllis is your favourite?

Order a Giant amaryllis bulb

Large flowering Amararyllises are often called giant amaryllises. You can order a giant amaryllis bulb easily online with us. Choose your favorite flower and we will get it delivered straight to your home. The amaryllis bulbs come straight from the Dutch grower. Did you also know that you get a discount when you order large quantities of amaryllis bulbs? Take a quick look at our range. We have an amaryllis for every occasion!

Other types of amaryllis bulbs for sale

Are you interested in our other amaryllises? We have other beautiful amaryllis species. How about the exotic cybister amaryllis? Or would you prefer a charming mini amaryllis?

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Monte Carlo®

Monte Carlo® is a beautiful red large flowering amaryllis. The Monte Carlo resembles the Monaco amaryllis, but has a striking white star...
Price €5.50


The amaryllis Caprice® is an elegant large flowering amaryllis. The flowers' broad petals are decorated with stripes in various shades of...
Price €5.75
  • On sale!


Ferrari® is a gorgeous large flowering amaryllis with an intense red color. If you look closely you will see a slight line running...
Price €5.75


Monaco® is a dazzling red amaryllis with a pure white star at its heart. The large flowering amaryllis Monaco is a really showstopping,...
Price €5.75


The large flowering amaryllis Spartacus® will be the sunshine in your home. The flowers' wide petals are a striking red color with white...
Price €5.75


This unusual large amaryllis Horizon® has superb orange petals that look like they are made of velvet. The large flowers of the Horizon...
Price €5.75


Chalk white with a striking green heart. That is the Amaryllis Calgary®. The flowers of the Amaryllis have large, broad petals. A...
Price €5.75


Unfortunately sold out This unique large flowering amaryllis has beautiful, deep red petals that look like they are made of velvet. The...
Price €6.95

Sweet Star®

Do you like pink? Then the fabulous Sweet Star® is perfect for you! The generous flowers of the large amaryllis Sweet Star are a charming...
Price €6.95

Rosy Star®

This pink and white amaryllis Rosy Star® is such a beauty! The broad white petals of the Rosy Star are brushed with lovely bright pink as...
Price €6.95

Red Pearl®

Amaryllis Red Pearl® is a chic, scarlet large flowering amaryllis. The decadent flowers of the Red Pearl have wide petals and a dark red...
Price €6.95

Lemon Star®

Lemon Star® is a soft yellow large flowering amaryllis. The elegant star-shaped flowers of the Lemon Star have large white petals with a...
Price €6.95


The luxurious pink Lagoon® is a large flowering amaryllis that you cannot ignore. The striking fuchsia color makes the Lagoon really...
Price €6.95


Dark red amaryllis Daphne® is a quirky large flowering amaryllis. The flowers of this amaryllis have marvelous petals that lightly curl...
Price €7.95

Terra Cotta Star®

The Terra Cotta Star® is an unusual amaryllis- you won't often see this reddish-brown color in amaryllises! Each flower has an green...
Price €7.95


The large amaryllis Spotlight® brightens up any space. This striking amaryllis has lovely, large flowers with broad white and pink...
Price €7.95

Yellow Star®

The large flowering amaryllis Yellow Star® is one of our rarest and most prized amaryllis varieties. This is the first time that anyone...
Price €8.95


A pleasure for the eye, that is the striking Amaryllis Pleasure®. The flowers of the Amaryllis are bright pink with a dark pink heart....
Price €8.95

Candy Queen

The Candy Queen gets its name from the bright pink color of the flowers. The petals are the color of pink candy canes. The center of the...
Price €9.95

Silver Queen

This is an Amaryllis that we are very proud of. The petals of the Silver Queen are silver-colored at the back. Something very unique!...
Price €9.95

Spotted Queen

The bright red veining on the white petals makes this Amaryllis unique. The Spotted Queen is a real must-have!
Price €9.95