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This Evergreen® is an extraordinary cybister amaryllis lives up to its name: the amaryllis is completely green! The flowers of the Evergreen have long thin petals in a fresh, lime green color. The heart of the flower is darker green. Evergreen really stands out in the beautiful world of amaryllises! This green amaryllis only needs simple care.

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The unique cybister amaryllis Evergreen has flowers with a diameter of about 12 centimeters and the stalk is about 50 centimeters long. The green amaryllis flower bulb has a diameter of about 9 centimeters.

Plant the amaryllis flower bulb in the flowerpot of your choice and place the pot in a light and warm place. Evergreen blooms after about 8 weeks. Read more about the care of amaryllises.

Data sheet

Length of stem
50 centimeter
Blooms after
approx. 8 weeks

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