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Have you ever seen a large flowering amaryllis? They are truly striking amaryllises! Huge flowers grow out of a large flowering amaryllis bulb. At you have the choice out of several large flowering amaryllises. Choose from a range of colors such as red, pink and eye-catching terracotta. Each of our large flowering amaryllises has unique flowers and a unique look. Have a look at our selection of large flowering amaryllises.

What are large flowering amaryllises?

Large flowering amaryllises have, as you might have guessed, larger flowers than normal amaryllises. The flowers of large flowering amaryllises have a diameter between 16 centimeters and 25 centimeters. This dramatic size makes these amaryllises even more beautiful and memorable! All of our varieties of large flowering amaryllises are beauties! Which large flowering amaryllis is your favourite?

Order a Giant amaryllis bulb

Large flowering Amararyllises are often called giant amaryllises. You can order a giant amaryllis bulb easily online with us. Choose your favorite flower and we will get it delivered straight to your home. The amaryllis bulbs come straight from the Dutch grower. Did you also know that you get a discount when you order large quantities of amaryllis bulbs? Take a quick look at our range. We have an amaryllis for every occasion!

Other types of amaryllis bulbs for sale

Are you interested in our other amaryllises? We have other beautiful amaryllis species. How about the exotic cybister amaryllis? Or would you prefer a charming mini amaryllis?

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Christmas Gift

Amaryllis Christmas Gift is a graceful white large flowering amaryllis. The large elegant flower of the Christmas Gift is white with a...
Price €5.09