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Deliveries and return

An amaryllis hippeastrum is a seasonal product. Your deliveries are therefore dependent on the production period, harvest and processing and are only available from mid-October (wk 43) until the end of February (wk 9).

Orders which are placed from the end of February (wk 9), are available again from mid-October (wk 43). Any orders placed between wk 43 and wk 9 will be delivered within 3-7 days.

Note: Open packaging immediately after receipt so that the amaryllis bulb can ventilate.
Also check that the correct item has been delivered on arrival.

If the wrong item is delivered or if there is an issue with your order, please contact us by email within 3 days of receipt.

In case of a quality issue, please attach a photo of the problem.

Send your questiosn or comments to Ben van Geest by email stating your name, telephone number and address.

We will then contact you.


Ben van Geest