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Sweet Star®

Do you like pink? Then the fabulous Sweet Star® is perfect for you! The generous flowers of the large amaryllis Sweet Star are a charming...
Price €6.95

Terra Cotta Star®

The Terra Cotta Star® is an unusual amaryllis- you won't often see this reddish-brown color in amaryllises! Each flower has an green...
Price €7.95


Splash® lives up to its name! The amaryllis has long, thin petals which look like a splash of water or a fountain. This beautiful double...
Price €7.95

Yellow Star®

The large flowering amaryllis Yellow Star® is one of our rarest and most prized amaryllis varieties. This is the first time that anyone...
Price €8.95

Wild Amazone ®

The Wild Amazone® lives up to its name! This beautiful amaryllis looks like it has come straight from the heart of the Amazon jungle. The...
Price €8.95

Flamed Amadeus®

The Flamed Amadeus® is a gorgeous, striking amaryllis. It looks like it’s on fire! This double-flowered amaryllis is bright red with...
Price €8.95